Our Values

Our soul

Inspired by care

One of the key principles of the company is connected to the concept of “Care” intended as care and attention towards the client and the final product.
A high-quality product is the result of meticulous attention to detail, the careful selection of key supplier and the seeking out of the best technologies to give to the customer.
A spirit of open communication, teamwork and collaboration enables the company to consistently meet and exceed customer expectations in terms of quality, cost and timely delivery. However, “Care” for Eriplast is much more, it is the fusion of the core values maintained over time by the company.


Conscience, the company is committed to issues related to safety, the environment and towards people, seeking to always be honest, trustworthy and set an example in their work.


Ambition, a value that the company always tries to pursue through lifelong learning and the study of new trends. For Eriplast it is important to have an open mind and actively drive change, challenging the status quo and seeking out new opportunities.


Responsibility, whether internally within the company keeping people and results at the heart of the business and managing problems constructively; or externally, trying to always behave appropriately towards and be respectful of others and to provide clear, honest and timely responses. In relationships, Eriplast always strives to create value for its partners.


Efficiency, always seeking the best solutions, working and acting with cost, time and quality in mind. It is important to be able to achieve objectives by managing resources intelligently and carrying out every single action in the most straightforward and effective manner possible.