Our Technologies

Cast film extrusion

Extruded films with cast or “flat” technology allow the final packaging to be used for many important packaging applications such as food, technical and medical.
More in detail, cast technology allows the final film to have, like no other extrusion process, the unique characteristics of planarity, transparency and clarity. This is due to the greater precision of the extrusion dies that by casting plastic material on a chilled roll in a very uniform manner, they allow it to cool very rapidly, causing a so-called “thermal shock”, which increases the transparency and clarity properties of the film produced.

Blown film extrusion

Blown film extrusion is one the most important processes for the production of plastic films. The first advantage of an extruded blown film is mainly related to the mechanical characteristics. Indeed, the plastic material comes out from a perfectly cylindrical die head, thus being subjected to an “ironing” both in a longitudinal and transversal direction.
Blown extrusion technology allows the production of a wide range of films for every kind of packaging application: lamination, shrink-wrap packaging of industrial products and for more technical applications such as sanitary and medical.