Eriplast is kean on research and focuses its attention on innovative products to improve the protection and conservation of food, with the purpose of maintaining its freshness and extending its shelf life.


EriSeal, with or without barrier, has elevated sealing properties even in the presence of contaminants such as liquids, powders or oils.


EriPeel is a peelable coextruded film with applications both for flexible and rigid films. There is the possibility of customizing the opening forces based on application requirements, also in sterilizable version.


EriLid meets covering technical requirements for rigid and semi-rigid trays. Coextrusion technology allows the adaptation of the product to the application needed using polymers of different nature to achieve maximum efficiency.


EriShield is created to “protect” the product: the distribution of the layers and the use of functionalized polymers allow the creation of a suitable film for various needs.


Eriwire is a film designed to achieve high elongation without losing mechanical properties. The choice of polymers combined with the knowledge of the process has allowed us to develop a product technologically advanced that meets the most varied needs in a increasingly demanding business.


EriBio are compostable films that can also be used for the lamination of multi-layer films. They are certifiable and there is the possibility of having structures with different percentages of Biobased.


EriSkin is developed to perfectly adhere to the product’s surfaces, even if irregular or sharp. Knowledge of the process combined with the choice of raw materials grant excellent formability while maintaining high resistance to perforation.