“For Eriplast, the creation of a quality product
is much more than a business,
it is a genuine, deep-rooted passion”


For safe and effective packaging
of your food.


For practical solutions of your
industrial projects.


For a guaranteed protection
of your medical devices.

Towards Industry 4.0

Eriplast’s production flow operates in complete control of the parameters following optimized and integrated workflows. From the customer’s order entry to the output of the final product, all the processes follow the requirements of Industry 4.0: SMART PRODUCTION, SMART SERVICES, SMART ENERGY.

Starting from the storage of the material in external silos, passing through a new automated transportation system managed by an integrated software, arriving to the extrusion lines, Eriplast guarantees the complete traceability of the production process.

This allows us a complete control of all the phases, guaranteeing to the customer the respect of the qualitative binding requirements provided from the national and international norms for the alimentary and environmental safety.

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